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Certified Floor Covering Installation CFI-Canada Training

Looks – Marbleized & Solid color options

Formats – Rolled (2M ) & tile

Durability – High, Urethane coating, through color construction

Comfort – Firm

Sound – Moderate

Installation – Professional, must be adhered

Maintenance – Damp Mop using resilient Cleaners, Sweeping, Vacuum

Areas of Use – All levels of the home and rooms including bathrooms*

Advantages –Environmentally friendly, hard wearing, large range of colors and visuals

Disadvantages – Should be professionally installed, required a smooth, dry sub floor

Environmental – High. Renewable Resource

Cost Range – Moderate

* note – Always check with the manufacture as to recommendations on areas to be installed, and any special instructions for repair and refinishing that may be required. Adhering to manufactures cleaning and maintenance instructions should be followed, in addition to maintaining appropriate humidity levels.

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