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Certified Floor Covering Installation CFI-Canada Training

Looks – Warm and comfortable. Can be formal or casual.

Formats – Twelve foot wide is the most common but also available in 13’6″ and 15′.

Durability – Low to high. Depends on fiber, construction, use, and care.

Comfort – Soft, warm and quiet.

Sound – Quiet

Installation – Professional. Can be glued down or stretched. Seaming is critical.

Maintenance – Vacuum regularly, professional cleaning as directed by manufacturer.

Areas of Use – All levels of home. Not recommended for wet areas (bathrooms, laundry or kitchen)

Advantages – Carpet is warm, quiet, and easy to maintain. Carpet and be removed and replaced so a change in decorating style or theme can be done fairly easily.

Disadvantages – Not recommended in wet areas, requires periodic professional cleaning, almost always has to be professionally installed.

Environmental – Medium. Manufacturers are incorporating more “green” methods in to the making of carpet. Recycled fibers and processing of old carpet is helping the improve the impact of carpet on the environment.

Cost Range – Very low to high.


* note – Always check with the manufacturer as to recommendations on areas to be installed, and any special instructions for repair and refinishing that may be required. Adhering to manufactures cleaning and maintenance instructions should be followed, in addition to maintaining appropriate humidity levels.

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