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Certified Floor Covering Installation CFI-Canada Training

CFI is about installers helping installers rise to a level of professional skills and integrity that will bring the maximum beneficial impact to the floor covering industry, the floor covering installation profession, and to customers who care about the quality of the investment in their floors. The programs designed to execute our mission include one and two-day events for the installation professional as well as one, two and five week courses for those looking to start their installation career or add a new flooring to their repertoire. All programs can be customized and/or held off-site by request. In Canada contact


At the time of registration, the apprentice receives an Apprenticeship Training Standard. The Apprenticeship Training Standard outlines the skills training objectives or competencies to be learned on the job. These competencies equip an apprentice to work in the trade as a certified skilled worker or “journeyperson.” The employer or trainer of an apprentice signs the relevant section of the training standard to indicate the progress of the apprentice in learning individual training objectives. This signature demonstrates that an apprentice has learned the skills established by industry that are essential for being a skilled worker.


Floor covering installer apprentices require two levels of theoretical training. Depending on availability at the chosen delivery agency, this training may be completed in one of the following ways:

  • block release (full-time, 10 weeks for each level)

  • day release (1 day per week)

  • part-time (generally night-school programs)


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