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Certified Floor Covering Installation CFI-Canada Training

Looks – Generally replicated to look of stone or follows many traditional styles of ceramic tile

Formats – Sizes from 1″x1″ to more than 24″ square

Durability – Very High

Comfort – Very High

Sound – Moderate to loud. The hardness of the tile can help to amplify noise

Installation – DIY or professional. Use of proper techniques and setting materials is essential

Maintenance – Sweep and damp mop

Areas of Use – Anywhere but traditional areas include: kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and foyer

Advantages – Extremely durable and easy to care for.

Disadvantages – Permanent installation. Removal is quite difficult

Environmental – Moderate. Many natural materials are used and very little ends up in landfills

Cost Range – low to very high

* note – Always check with the manufacture as to recommendations on areas to be installed, and any special instructions for repair and refinishing that may be required. Adhering to manufactures cleaning and maintenance instructions should be followed, in addition to maintaining appropriate humidity levels.

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