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Looks – From traditional to contemporary and everything in between.

Formats – Standard sizes range from 2’x3′ to 8’10’ in shapes from rectangles and squares to circles.

Durability – Medium to high: knot count, man or machine made and foot traffic will determine durability.

Comfort – Soft.

Sound – Quiet (helps to quiet a room using wood, laminate or tile)

Installation – DIY (add a quality non-slip under cushion to help keep the rug in place.)

Maintenance – Vacuum or sweep, professional cleaning available.

Areas of Use – Anywhere

Advantages – Many rugs are relatively inexpensive and can be changed easily which helps with redecorating.

Disadvantages – Can slip and move. Handmade rugs can be very expensive and must be cleaned by a professional.

Environmental – Moderate (depends on whether the material is synthetic or natural).

Cost Range – Very low to very high

* note – Always check with the manufacture as to recommendations on areas to be installed, and any special instructions for repair and refinishing that may be required. Adhering to manufactures cleaning and maintenance instructions should be followed, in addition to maintaining appropriate humidity levels.

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