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The Ask the Expert is a technical resource for flooring retailers, floor installers, textile & floor covering cleaners to get on-demand professional expertise to questions or problems they are having in the field. All the experts are seasoned professionals and instructors or inspectors in their field of expertise and are willing to share their experiences to help you move forward with your business.

If you have specific questions about your projects, our team can help.

Simply send your question to


Based on the nature of the question, an expert that is most suitable to answer your question will respond. Or you may receive a collaborative response from more than one of our experts. Experts will typically response within 24-72 hours


The answer or advice will be provided by email and all communication is confidential.
You may ask follow up questions at anytime.


The following are examples of questions you may need answered to complete a project.

Distributor and Retailer example questions

  • What types of areas are best for wool carpet?

  • How should woven carpets be maintained?

  • How do I know the correct subfloor moisture content for recommending floor

  • How do I plan for carpet seems with a patterned carpet?

  • What is the recommended relative humidity for hardwood in a home?
    Why do vinyl floors shrink?

Restoration example questions

  • What special considerations are made for saving water damaged woven

  • carpets?

  • What should the moisture content of concrete be before I install floating floor?

  • How should I dry an elevator shaft damaged by flooding?

  • We have been unable to remove sewage odor after remediation any

  • How do we safely remove soot from antique furniture?

  • Sump pump failed affecting basement can carpet & cushion be saved?

  • What is the category of water when it comes through a wall?

Cleaner example questions

  • What types of chemicals are safe for wool carpets?

  • We have been unable to remove candle wax from carpet?

  • How often should I clean carpet tiles?

  • How do a clean sisal area rugs?

  • What is triexta carpet and what are the concerns with it?

  • How do I prevent wovens from shrinking?

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